Me datën 10.05.2014  në Hotel Tirana u zhvillua takimi per Inovacionin. Në këtë takim   u prezantua  edhe katallogu  i studimeve inovative
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The Innovation Week event is organized for the first time in Albania by the Ministry of Public Administration and Innovation. The initiative aims to present the vision of the Albanian Government and undertaken initiatives to modernize Albania through innovation.


The event will take place from 10th to 16th May 2014, in Tirana. Activities that will be organized during the week will bring together projects, initiatives and ideas aiming to provide innovative solutions for solving various problems that the country face every day.The Opening Ceremony was chaired by Vilma Tomco, Head of Department for European Agenda and Evis Tasellari, Head of Unit of Bilateral Relations at AKTI. It was attended by high Albanian Authorities as Deputy Prime Minister Niko Peleshi, Minister for Innovation and Public Administration Milena Harito, Minister of Education and Sports Lindita Nikolli, representatives of innovation agencies, authors of the innovations of National Catalogue, as well as authors of six studies of catalogue sector studies.

During this activity was launched the first Albanian Catalogue of Innovations for Human Development in its integrated form. The ceremony was opened by the Minister Milena Harito which stressed that the activity aim to collect new innovative ideas and technology to improve the life of the citizens, and to simplify the administrative procedures. “The innovative technology offers transparency, thus creating a climate of trust between the citizens and the state”, said Harito.

The Innovation Week will present the new portal of geo-spatial information which will serve as a unique reference for the maps of the Albanian state. “This portal is of paramount importance and a necessary innovative technological tool to help resolve property issues in Albania”, said Harito. During her intervention the minister of Education and Sport, Lindita Nikolli said that the innovative technology is important to re-dimensioned distances. “The world is changing through innovative technology and so do us. The ministry will organize courses in the secondary schools to enhance the knowledge on technology and has innovation issues one of its priorities”, said Nikolli adding that schools all over Albania will be equipped with new digital tools. Albania will introduce new online services and unique portals (one stop shop) in education, police, administrative and business services.

A one stop shop is an office where multiple services are offered. The vice prime minister, Niko Peleshi said that the government wants to make innovation part of its approach to ensure sustainable services and development. He added that the new generations should be the promoters of innovative technologies. He added that a competition on innovation will take place soon with youngsters from 13-18 years old. “The digital world develops in exponential manner, so we have to keep the pace with other countries. We have signed an agreement with the German government for technical assistance. We will have soon the new law for investments”, said Peleshi adding that in Albania the creative businesses are a reality supported by the government. “Through innovation the government will also increase transparency and fight corruption in the public services”, said Peleshi. The Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mynyr Koni said that the scientific research is one of the pillars of the Albanian Universities to prepare competent researches. “The creation of AKTI was an important event for the future of the research in Albania. We have important international cooperation in the frame of TEMPUS programme. We cooperate with homologues from Italy,Greece, Slovenia”, said Koni adding that new financements are needed for the scientific research. The Executive Director of the Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA), Manjola Gjoni said that innovation brings a positive change in the market, improves the life of consumers and increases productivity.
“Innovation increases efficiency, productivity, quality and competitiveness of SME’s. Every organization may be engaged in innovation such as hospitals, schools, universities, governments, organizations etc.,” said Gjoni adding that the Albanian economy will continue to grow if SME’s grow and expand to new markets“Many developed countries are focusing on innovation as a means to strengthen their economy and remain competitive in the long term,” she said stressing that within AIDA was established the Business Relay and Innovation Centre (BRIC) as a support body to promote and strengthen the innovation capacity of Albanian enterprises, bring them fully into the innovation dynamics and fill the existing gap in the National Innovation System. The director of the State Authority for Geo-spatial Information (ASIG), Lorenc Cala said that new portal of geo-spatial information, which will serve as a unique reference for the maps of the Albanian state, will be presented during the Innovation Week. “ We aim to create modern standards in the field of information and geodesy”, said Cala.

Director at National Agency for Information Society (NAIS), Mirlinda Karcanaj said that the broadband technology will help to develop new innovative models. She said that her institution deliver information to 200 institutions. “We already have the governmental portal – my family; my property; my business and my data”, she added. The director of the Albanian National Computer Security Agency ALCIRT, Rovena Bahiti stressed that the cybernetic security is of paramount importance for the defense. “We are cooperating with NATO in the security field and a new law for the cybernetic security shall be soon approved ”, she said adding that will be open soon an informative portal for the business, schools and universities.

“We will collaborate with the ministry of Education and Sport to introduce issues of cybernetic security in school curriculums” said Bahiti.

The director of AKTI, Edmond Agolli said that the mission of the Agency for Research, Technology and Innovation is to evaluate, finance, monitor and manage programs and projects in the fields of science, technology and innovation in Albania. AKTI aims to fund projects in the field of Small and Medium Business as well as transfer, modernization and renewal of their technologies.

He said that AKTI was the coordinating Institution in the production of the first Albanian Catalogue of Innovations for Human Development in close collaboration with BAZH NGO, Ideass Programme and UNDP. He added that BAZH conducted numerous meetings with the institutions and other interested actors, to present the initiative, the criteria used for the identification of innovations and the submission modality of innovative technologies and methodologies. He said that BAZH contacted more than 170 actors at national and regional level (ministers, agencies, various organizations etc). The director of the Central Inspectorate,

Ilir Zela said that “we are performing new reforms to integrate the inspectorates in all the institutions. The ceremony was conceptualized in two parts. The second part was chaired by the director of AKTI, Edmond Agolli and the Executive Director of BAZH NGO, Renata Uruci, They introduced the Workshop for Innovation in which the First Albanian Catalogue of Innovation for Human Development built in 2012 in close collaboration between AKTI, BAZH, the IDEASS International Program and UNDP, represented an important step for the whole country in the field of the Human Development. The core object of BAZH is identification, analysis and implementation of initiatives favouring the human development, creation of employment opportunities and the promotion of an integrated and sustainable development of the territory. BAZH is the focal point of IDEASS International Programme in Albania. IDEASS Programme is one of the working tools of the KIP International School,” said Uruci adding that the goal of Albanian Catalogue of Innovations for Human Development is the systematisation of creative practices of local actors bringing innovative solutions to common problems. It aims to strengthen the integrated territorial development processes and participatory, using increasing innovation. The production of the 1st National Innovations Catalogue for Human development in Albania should be considered only as the beginning of a path of cooperation, A further step will be updating and enriching it with other feeds innovation for human development, as well as implementing a national service for human development innovation in order to identify, illustrate and transfer them to Albanian territorial development actors and abroad, promoting their use through activities targeted technical assistance activities. The idea stems from program activities that have been operating out for 10 years to promote the use of innovative technologies and methodologies by territorial development actors, in collaboration with the international IDEASS program (innovation for development and south-south cooperation) During a video conference from Japan, the International scientific consultant, Davide Rossi said that the production of the First Albanian Catalogue of Innovations for Human Development is an important moment for the country and the expression of the great potentialities of the Albanians in the in the field of research and the applied innovation to guarantee a sustainable development of the country. “I would like to congratulate and express my best wishes for the authors with whom I had the honour to work to elaborate every innovation presented in the Catalogue.

The innovations are original and potentially with a great impact to contribute to the economic and social development of the country. They have the characteristic to be transferable in other contexts”, said Rossi thanking AKTI and BAZH NGO for the excellent work. During the second part the authors of the 13 innovations included in the Catalogue were invited to present their work Six studies funded by AKTI in the framework of the National Program for Research and Development were also presented.

The Catalogue enhance the Albanian development actors and the ideas implemented by them. In the same time the Catalogue is an instrument to create a network organized to transfer the know-how on innovative technologies and methodologies to the local actors interested in using them to solve territorial problems.

During the event the project for the implementation of a National Service for Human Development Innovation, based on the Albanian Catalogue and the international network of the IDEASS program was presented by AKTI and BAZH, in order to identify institutional, technical and financial partners.

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